Amazon affiliate links

WooCommerce product shortcode

If you are using WooCommerce plugin you can create affiliate products using your Amazon affiliate links and then use the [product] shortcode to link them in your blog posts.

<product id="83">
WooCommerce product page shortcode

Alternatively use the Chap theme’s custom AMP-compatible [wcproductpage] shortcode to link them in your blog posts. This will show all the information you have added for this product as well as reviews and related products. It’s suitable for bigger and more expensive products that your whole blog post focuses on.

Shortcode demo

Woo Album #1


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<wcproductpage id="83" tabs="false">
See: [wcproductpage] shortcode documentation
Card shortcode

If you do not wish to install WooCommerce on your WordPress site but still would like to link to affiliate products with the similar “card”-like look, then you can use the [card] shortcode that comes with Chap.

Shortcode demo
Amazon product
Short description for the Amazon product you’re linking to.
Buy from Amazon
  <cardheader center aligned>Amazon product</cardheader>
  <cardimage src="//">
  <cardtext>Short description for the Amazon product you’re linking to.</cardtext>
  <button large positive marginless right labeled icon url="" icon="external">Buy from Amazon</button>