Category Posts in Custom Menu

Category Posts in Custom Menu
WordPress plugin

Category Posts in Custom Menu is an abandoned plugin at this time, how ever it still gets the job done and is quite the time saver.

With Chap theme you can use this plugin to automatically add new posts in a category to a menu.

For example, on Chap documentation page, as well as many other pages such as this, the menus in the widgets in the right sidebar are automatically populated by this plugin. Here’s how it’s achieved:

The widget areas simply contain Navigation Menu widgets that use the menu that utilizes this plugins’ functionality.

Whenever a new post is added to the selected category the menu in the widget will include an item for it automatically.

The above example shows how to have a parent menu item and child menu items below it. You can also omit the no-dropdown class to have the child items combined into a dropdown menu that is only visible when hovering the parent it.

On this page in particular the menu contains only 1 item and the plugin does all the rest for you, resulting in a menu where all the category posts are parent menu items.

Category Posts in Custom Menu all parent menu items
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