WordPress plugin

With WooSidebars, it’s possible to change the widgets that display in a sidebar (widgetized area) according to a context (for example, a specific page, a specific blog post, certain categories or the search results screen).

With Chap theme you technically only have 2 sidebars (widget areas) – Primary sidebar that is used when the current page only displays 1 sidebar, and Secondary sidebar which is additionally used when the current page displays 2 sidebars. The Primary sidebar could be displayed on either side of the page depending on your theme options, and the Secondary sidebar will then assume the opposite side of the page when the page uses 2 sidebars.

You can’t have Primary sidebar showing certain widgets on 1 page and Secondary sidebar showing different widgets on a different page while still only having 1 sidebar on both pages. This is where WooSidebars comes in.

This plugin let’s you create a new Widget Area:

Choose what existing sidebar will be replaced, and on which pages:

WooSidebars plugin options

Then simply add widgets to the newly created area and they will be displayed on the pages that you selected:

This allows you to have unlimited amount of sidebars that have different content depending on what page they are on.

You can change how many sidebars (1 – Primary sidebar, 2 – Primary and secondary sidebar) a page displays by changing theme options from Chap Theme -> General -> Sidebars or by overriding these settings on specific pages by choosing a different page template (Page with one sidebar, Page with two sidebars) from Page Attributes -> Template metabox or Post layout (One sidebar, Two sidebars) metabox for posts.