YITH Infinite Scrolling
YITH Infinite Scrolling
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YITH Infinite Scrolling plugin allows to automatically load more content when user scrolls down on paginated pages.

Here are the settings for YITH Infinate Scrolling that work with Chap theme:

The selectors work for archives, search results and products.
Here are the selectors in plain text so they can be copied:

Navigation Selector
Next Selector
.next.item, .nav-previous.item
Item Selector
.product.card, article.item, article.column, article.card
Content Selector
.full.height > main, .full.height > .main.grid
Loading animation

The plugin comes with a default loading gif, but that doesn’t look very attractive. Since the loading image input isn’t escaped it’s possible to use a slight hack to use HTML instead of a loading gif by using the following code in the “Loading Image” input field:

//" class="invisible"><div class="ui active loader"></div><input type="hidden

First we load a 1x1px size invisible image as the loading gif and then close the image tag. Now we use Semantic UI’s .ui.loader as the loading animation. And finally a hidden input is used to deal with the leftover html.

We can also add some text or change size:

//" class="invisible"><div class="ui large active text loader">Loading</div><input type="hidden
Semantic UI’s Loader element is not enabled by default. If you don’t see any loading animation go to Chap Compiler, check definitions/elements/loader.less, save changes and then recompile.
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